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Metamorphosis dancer receives KAK scholarship


Anais Hinds, member of the popular Metamorphosis Dance Company, which comprises senior talented students of the well-established Caribbean School of Dancing, has received this year’s award of the Kathleen Armstrong Kilgour (KAK) Dance Scholarship.  
The scholarship is awarded to a deserving Metamorphosis dancer for commitment and dedication to dance practice.  Hinds, an A level student at Bishop Anstey High School, has gained certification in Advanced Ballet 1, from the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK.  
Nancy Herrera, artistic director of Metamorphosis, summed up Hinds’ character: “Anais was chosen for her commitment and passion for dance and for her technical and expressive proficiency in dance. “She is disciplined, determined and hard-working. She enjoys being challenged; she has an advanced working knowledge of the technical demands of varying styles and dance forms.  

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