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astonishing tax rate of 30% in the US. In 2013, Amazon made a profit of $5.4bn. That he was at the helm of a very different company: Amazon.com. A company with a name that

Review sites have to cater to customers and businesses, but they also have to play by the rules of federal or international regulators. That's why Lowe considers Yelp to be a partner to entities like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which actively pursues companies creating deceptive online testimonials. The suit seeks injunctive relief, which would prohibit Humankind from registering additional accounts or submitting reviews to Edmunds.com. Since the petition was filed, Edmunds reports it has not detected any further reviews submitted by Humankind on behalf of car dealers.

Do You Have To Register as a DBA? If your business name implies that more than one owner or individual is involved, for example, like Shawad & Sons or The Anderson Group, or if you just want to use only your first name, such as Joe's Garage or Sam's Boat Rentals, you would typically file an assumed name. If you didn't want to use a DBA, you'd need to use your last name.